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02 January 2011 @ 10:18 am
 I decided to attempt project 101 Goals in 1,001 Days.  Basically, I'm going to start working on 101 goals I'd like to achieve by Saturday, September 28, 2013.  


1. Travel to New Zealand
2. Travel to Australia 
3. Travel to Thailand
4. Travel to Palau
5. Attend Mal's Wedding (Projected date: 1/16/2012)
6. Attend Hartmann's Wedding (Projected date: Summer 2012)
7. See every member of my family in 2011
8. See every member of my family in 2012

9. Read Time's top 10 Banned Books 
10. Buy Guam Hiking Book [when re-released]
11. Subscribe to Real Simple Magazine
12. Read all books I own
13. Read 5 Buddhist books
14. Complete crossword puzzle book
15. Complete sudoku puzzle book
16. Read 5 books before watching their respective movie
17. Read 3 books with Rich

18. Pay off all credit card debt
19. Pay off student loans
20. Pay off Rich's car
21. Have $15,000 in savings
22. Retrieve money from state acct. and put into savings
23. Pay off iMac
24. Donate at least $50 to three different charities

25. Write a song
26. Learn to shoot a gun
27. Write one letter/card every month So far:Collapse )
28. Re-vamp wardrobe
29. Get boating license 
30. Renew passport
31. Paint a watercolor worth framing
32. Buy a little black dress
33. Revamp DVD Collection
34. Eat at 15 new restaurants: 14 to go.
35. Revamp music collection
36. Revamp Facebook 
37. Read tarot cards once every month for 3 months
38. Watch 100 new movies: So Far:Collapse )
39. Replace laptop with macbook pro
40. Buy external hard drive
41. Learn to play guitar
42. Make 10 new friends
43. Beat one of Rich's xbox games
44. Sew 5 new things
45. Bead a necklace
46. Learn to kite-board
47. Make a will
48. Make a birthday calendar
49 Update LJ every day for 3 months
50. Volunteer at USO 5 times
51. Learn to dive
52. Convert email to Russell.JenniferM
53. Make a second 101 list :)

54. Complete over half of the hikes in Guam Hiking Book 
55. Create Year Three and Year Four photo albums for Rich
56. Decide on next duty station
57. Get pregnant
58. Build a gingerbread house with Rich
59. Dye Easter Eggs with Rich
60. Start an aquarium
61. Add 10 charms to my pandora bracelet
62. New Car
63. Buy Kama Sutra book
64. Try every position in Kama Sutra book
65. Celebrate 1st and 2nd anniversaries
66. Write/hide note for Rich to find once every month

67. Buy wide-angle lens
68. Buy Nikon remote
69. Create photography/blogging website
70. 15 Photoshoots for portfolio: 13 to go 
71. Complete the 100 Snapshots Challenge
72. Participate in 25 Weekly Assignments
73. Develop film
74. Take photography course
75. Learn photoshop

76. Get a raise or promotion
77. Have an article published
78. Take creative writing course
79. Photograph 10 events

80. Bake 10 different cookies
81. Cook a Thanksgiving dinner
82. Cook a Christmas dinner
83. Buy a juicer
84. Buy a rice cooker
85. Buy Chamorro cookbook
86. Make bubble tea
87. Make a pizza from scratch
88. Revamp personal cookbook

89. Maintain weight under 130
90. Run 10 5ks
91. Run 2 10ks 
92. Exercise [at least] twice/week
93. Yoga every week for 3 months
94. Visit dentist at least once each year
95. Attend annual physical exam each year
96. Get up-to-date on shots
97. Meditate twice each month for 3 months
98. Attend weekly cycling class for 1 month
99. Go kayaking every other weekend for 3 months
100. Wear out one pair of sneakers
101. Complete 2 day detox

Crazyyy, I just realized that when this project ends we will be at our next duty station!  I'll try to come up with some more later :) List has been completed!  I'm excited to start :D
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01 January 2011 @ 09:47 pm
 I really want to take some sort of online class.  I found a site that offers photography classes for $140 but then Rich was like "well wouldn't just buying a book be cheaper"? and he has a point.  So I bought a book.  But I still think I'll take an online course... maybe for something other than photography, though.  I think photography online could be really good if it involved critiquing but from what I saw it looked mostly like words on a screen with a test at the end.  And if critiquing is really all I'm looking for, then I could just put a bit more effort into my Flikr account and call it a day.  So maybe something in web design or writing or something totally random like anthropology or ASL.  I miss school sometimes.  

I found this cute camera bag on etsy:

Buuut I'm not paying $100 for it. So there's that.   Amazon has one that I like too, for $60.  But idk I'm so picky when it comes to bags and ordering online is hard.  Not to mention no one ever ships to Guam.  I'm just gonna keep holding out for "the one" :)

So anyway...today consisted of another death hike with Rich.  We brought Shadow and shouldn't have because the trail involved ropes and steep trails that involved Rich and I physically carrying him... which in turn involved me in tears convinced that Shadow would get hurt.  I don't know.  I'm really not one with nature to begin with.  Mountain trails, fine.  Crawling through the jungle?  No thanks.  I think I've been a pretty good trooper thus far but I'm ready to throw in the towel with Guams boonie "trails".  At the end of the day, I'm glad we went but mostly because it means I successfully started the new year off with some exercise.  I haven't even uploaded the photos I took because I'm pretty sure I didn't capture anything spectacular; it was basically just me playing around with my new lens (Did I mention I got my 50-200mm for Christmas??).  And I'm already hoping for a wide angle for my birthday (it's already marked on my amazon wish list ;))  

......Okay I uploaded a couple onto Flikr.  Nothing spectacular, but I sure do heart my new lens :)  Never again will I have to stand .5cm away from something I want to zoom in on! Woohoo! 

Okay well I'm pretty exhausted.  I've had a headache since Shadow kicked me in the jaw while I was trying to carry him and I'd like to play a few rounds of Family Fued before bed (I lead such an exciting life).  Goodnight lj. 

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16 October 2006 @ 05:46 pm

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Always happy to make new friends.

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